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How you can compose  your own menu

Opportunity of composing your menu: every menu includes  Ligurian wine, one bottle every 4 people, coffee, bitter, buffet of hors d’oeuvres with homemade appetize

7 h.d.o., 1 first c., 1 second c.
Euro 60

 7 h.d.o., 2 first c, 1 second c.
Euro 70

 8 h.d.o., 1 first c, 2 second c.
Euro 80

 9 h.d.o., 2 first c, 2 second c.
Euro 85

 9 h.d.o., 2 first c, 1 second c. Superior.
Euro 85

 12 h.d.o., 2 first c, 1 second c. Superior.
Euro 95

 16 h.d.o., 2 first c, 2 second c. Superior.
Euro 110



Hors d’oeuvres

–       Petals of bresaola with rocket

–        Beef Magatello with balsamic vinegar

–       Nuggets of grana padano

–       Bouquet of batter fried vegetables

–       Roulades with speck and Ricciola

–       Little cherries of Bufalina

–       Pizza bread of different kinds

–       Tuna Tartar with lemon emulsion

–       Toasted bread with tomato and anchovies

–       Carpaccio of marinated swordfish

–       Salad with octopus and potatoes

–       Prawn tails in pink sauce and poppy seeds

–       Prawn tails in Catalan sauce

–       Mussels in gratin


Choice of the first course

Trofie with sea bass and tomato pachino

Trofie with pesto and crab pulp

Trofie octopus and chickpeas

Trofie oyster, sage and saffron

Ravioli stuffed with fish with tomato pachino, ricotta and nuts grain

Crêpes with seafood

Ravioli stuffed with fish, with fresh tomato and sage

Risotto with prawns and lemon

Risotto with ragout of fish

Risotto God Neptune

Risotto pesto and cuttlefish

Gnocco  speck and saffron

Pasta supreme with shrimps

Lasagne Genova or with salmon

Pansotti with walnuts and mascarpone sauce

Second course

Slice of Rondanino in potato crust

Slice of Castagna fish in the Ligurian way

Slice of Centrolofo grilled perfumed with lemon and thyme

Tataki with sesame an Red Tuna

Slice of swordfish tomato and rocket

Fillet of pork Giulio Cesare

Fillet of pork  with tomato pachino and rocket

Veal roast in bread crust with demi-glace

Second course superior

Snapper on a cream of potatoes with thyme and  caramelized shallots

Ligurian Snapper

Grilled sea bream on a bed of courgettes

Amberjack in onion cream in gratin in potatoes crust

Amberjack in potatoes crust

Beef fillet in bread crust

Fillet in boletus (porcini)cream

Tagliata perfumed with rosemary

Fillet Giulio Cesare

Beef perfumed with herbs